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The Williams pear is nurtured by the excellent Valais terroir. With Williamine®, Distillerie Morand has made the liqueur produced from these pears into a gold standard among European fruit liqueurs.


To ensure this exceptional land continues to thrive, the Distillerie seeks ways for its products to be enjoyed in a wider and more sociable variety of long drinks and cocktails, sWiss Rock® Café.


Now, we bring you a particularly innovative and spectacular offering: Mousse de Williamine®.


It is the fruit of a collaboration with Boosterdry, an exciting young company from Haute Savoie who have developed an exclusive patented process to create alcoholic emulsions. It’s the first of its kind in Switzerland.


Mousse de Williamine® is a light and silky emulsion with the delicate and harmonious taste of Williamine®.


It has a moderate alcohol content (20° Vol). This mousse can be served as a shot, on a coffee, or as a topping on a dessert or ice-cream; a unique, but most importantly delicious, way of enjoying Williamine®.


It comes in a canister to be shaken before use, and can be kept at room temperature. One canister contains 36 shooter doses.


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