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Distillation extracts the essential flavour











The thin skin of the Valais Williams pear conceals unique flavours that the Williamine® Morand fully captures.

Our Williams pears come exclusively from the Valais, the preferred land for cultivating this fruit.  This origin is a requirement of our AOP label.

Once ripe, the pears are sorted by hand, crushed, and then fermented before being distilled. 12 kg of Williams pears are used to create a single litre of 43% vol. Williamine® Morand, and nearly 20 kg are used for our CŒUR spirit.











The traditional apricot of the Valais, the Luizet offers incomparable flavour and qualities essential to the production of an eau-de-vie.

The use of this apricot varietal and its exclusive sourcing from the Valais are requirements of our AOP label. To ensure quality production, Distillerie Morand operates its own orchards of Luizet apricots on the hills of Saxon.

The apricots are harvested once ripe, sorted by hand at the distillery, and then fermented before being distilled.  12 kg of Luizet apricots are used to create a single litre of 43% vol. Abricotine® Morand, and nearly 20 kg are used for our CŒUR spirit.










Provenance & traceability

Abricotine and Williamine® brandies are AOP products, entirely made locally according to traditional methods, and based on specific varieties grown in Valais: the Luizet Apricot and the Williams Pear.

The AOP guarantees the origin of the fruit and the fermentation and distillation processes.

All the stages are controlled; all the eaux-de-vie are blind tasted and submitted to a chemical analysis before receiving the appellation.










FSSC 22000 certification


The Quality and Food Safety of the Distillery's products are among our priorities.

The FSSC 22000 certification, adapted from the ISO22000 standard recognized worldwide, is the assurance of a good management system on the whole production chain from the raw material to the points of sale.










Emblematic products

Regional products, to preserve and enhance the heritage.

The Marque Valais label considers the impact of the Distillery on the territory, for a sustainable approach.

Our certified products:



Eau-de-vie CŒUR Abricot

Eau-de-vie CŒUR Poire

Liqueur Douce de Williamine

Liqueur Moitié-Moitié

Liqueur Williamine

Liqueur Williamine-sur-Fruit

Liqueur Abricot-sur-Fruit

Solution hydroalcoolique pour les mains : Poire-Menthe

Abricot Spritz