Morand - Family tradition since 1889

Valais / Wallis Swiss

Since 1889, four generations have carried on the know-how that ensures the quality that distinguishes the Morand eaux-de-vie and products

  1. Secrets

    Secret #1

    The incomparable flavour that the soil and climate of the Rhône upper valley infuses to the Williams pears and Luizet apricots.

    Secret #2

    The meticulous care taken in working with these outstanding raw materials.  In the choice of fruits, which are harvested ripe and sorted by hand. The care taken in a highly precise distillation process that is controlled down to the degree.

  2. Mission

    Maintain the high level of quality that has been upheld for over a century, and promote the value and delicacy of fruit eaux-de-vie. Be open and willing to do new things to accomplish this.

    Contribute to the preservation of the natural environment of the Valais, a source of beauty for our country and work for its people.

A family history


Four generations in succession since 1889

  1. 1889

    Louis Morand founds the Distillerie Morand. He creates the Grand-St-Bernard®, a liqueur made from the plants and honey of the Alps.  He distills an absinthe that quickly wins him acclaim. He likewise creates syrups and lemonades. 

  2. 1953

    André Morand, Louis' son, takes over the family business in 1921 and pours his energy into growing the business. In 1953, he has a stroke of genius: drawing from the extraordinary quality of the Valais Williams pears, he creates an eau-de-vie and gives it its own brand.  The Williamine® is born.

  3. 1958

    Louis Morand succeeds his father André. Under his leadership, the Williamine® becomes the gold standard for pear eau-de-vie worldwide. At the helm of the family business for over 50 years, he establishes and ensures a culture of rigorous quality that underpins the reputation of its products. 


An executive board drawn from outside the family is in place, but the fourth generation of Morands continue to be heavily involved in the business. Olivier Vocat and Jean-Pierre Morand are Chairman of the Board and Managing Director. Bruno Vocat oversees the fruit production and orchards, while Julien Morand heads the company's marketing and brand representation.

The company faces the challenges of a market undergoing profound change. Modernized production. New products: DOUCE de® and CŒUR, and new-look plant-based spirits: HIERBA and CERVIN.

The sWiss cocktails® and sWiss rock® brands express the contemporary ways in which eaux-de-vie are consumed today, through cocktails and products related to coffee.

The range of Bons Sirops Morand is heavily expanded and becomes a cornerstone of the brand.

The Saint Bernard aromatic herbs and infusions are opening the business up to new product categories while remaining firmly rooted in the terroir of the Valais and the Alps.