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The 5 best cocktail syrups


The 5 best cocktail syrups


Days are getting longer and temperatures get warmer: Summer is finally around the corner and ending the day with your loved ones mixing and drinking cocktails is one of the best activities during summer - and winter, of course!

Syrups make cocktails look and taste great and are often a key ingredient to help make the flavour pop. To help you decide which cocktail syrups to buy, we’ve put together a list of our favourites.  Whether your guests prefer something fruity, sour or alcohol-free, these five syrups will meet everyone’s taste!


Raspberry Syrup

For something a bit fruity  

Raspberry is a great, versatile flavour that we like to add to a lot of our cocktail recipes. It has a slight sour element to it, which can really help to mix up the depths of flavours in a cocktail. For someone who is a fan of berries, there’s lots you can do with this fruit syrup

Not sure how to incorporate it into your drink? Give this raspberry mojito recipe a go:

In a mojito glass, add 4 lime wedges, 5 fresh raspberries, 2 cl Raspberry Syrup, 1 cl Eau-De Vie Williamine, mix together. Add 10 mint leaves, crushed ice, and top with lemonade. Decorate with fresh raspberries and mint. 

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Elderflower Syrup

The classic cocktail syrup

If you’re a cocktail fanatic, chances are you’ve heard of Elderflower Syrup, as it is commonly used in the popular Hugo cocktail. A light and subtle taste, Elderflower Syrup is great added to a cocktail, or even just mixed in water for a refreshing, summery drink. We offer an organic elderflower syrup on our website to buy online, which uses less syrup and comes from organic farming. 

Want to give our organic syrup a try? Have a go at using it in the cocktail ‘Hugo’. 

In a large wine glass, fill with ice cubes. Add 3 cl Elderflower Syrup, followed by a splash of soda water. Top up with prosecco, stir and garnish with lime. 

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Grenadine syrup

add a splash of colour to your cocktails

Did you know that Grenadine Syrup was once made of pomegranates and is mostly used to give drinks a decorative, red color? 

When you see those beautiful cocktails that change colour in the glass, that’s no hidden secret, that’s likely from Grenadine Syrup! Not only does it really make those drinks pop, but it’s also super tasty and helps to make a cocktail taste tropical and fruity. 

Want to add Grenadine Syrup to your cocktail? Give this cocktail recipe a go - Fill a whisky glass with crushed ice. Add 4 cl Kirsch, juice from half a lemon, 8 cl lemonade, and top with 1 cl Grenadine Syrup. Decorate with a cherry and a slice of lemon.

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For something a bit different, give our
Grenadine Blanche Syrup a try.


Sugar Syrup

Make everything sweeter

One of our most versatile syrups, our Sugar Syrup is a great addition to any cocktail cabinet. It’s great to help sweeten hot or cold drinks, and many cocktail recipes ask for Sugar Syrup, which typically you make yourself. This saves you the time of having to do it yourself, by using our delicious syrup as soon as you need it.

Give our tropical Williamine cocktail a go for a perfect summer drink.  Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and add 3 cl Douce de Williamine, 2 cl Williamine Liqueur, 5 cl pineapple juice, half a lime and 1 cl Sugar Syrup. Shake well then strain into a martini glass. 

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Lemon Syrup

Update your cocktail

Are you a sweet or a sour cocktail lover? If you’re someone who prefers your cocktails a bit tart, then our Lemon Syrup is the perfect fruit syrup to have on hand.

Whilst Lemon Syrup has a milder flavour than lemon juice, it’s still a great addition to a cocktail to give it that hit and take off the sweet edge, whilst keeping great depths of flavour. Experiment by replacing lemon juice with Lemon Syrup. 

Not sure how to incorporate it into a cocktail? Try this. Fill a large cocktail glass with ice. Squeeze in half a lime, then add 4 cl Alata Swiss Gin, 2 cl Raspberry Liqueur, 1 cl Grenadine Syrup, 0.5 cl Triple Sec, 3 cl Lemon Syrup, 8 cl pineapple juice, 1 drop angostura bitters. Top with 1 pineapple slice and a cherry. 

You can buy our Lemon Syrup in our online shop. Don’t forget to also try our Organic Lemon Syrup too. 

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