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Distisuisse 2023

13 medals for our distillery

Louis Morand Sa 4863 Photo Rhofer

The results of the major Swiss spirits competition organized by DistiSuisse were announced at the end of the day in Basel.

Distillerie Morand won four gold medals and the best result in the Eau-de-Vie d'Abricot category with Abricotine AOP. The other three gold medals went to liqueurs: menthe verte, moitié-moitié (Williams liqueur) and Cervin. Nine silver medals rounded off the Martigny distillery's prize list.

"We're particularly pleased with this result, as the last few years have been complicated for the Luizet harvest, the apricot variety essential to Abricotine AOP. 12kg of Luizet apricots are used per liter of brandy, making it an exceptional product of the Valais terroir," comments Fabrice Haenni, Distillery CEO.