Sweet Leek & Asparagus “Carbonara”


200g white onion
200g leek
185g asparagus
1 tbsp oil
50g butter
100g cream cheese
2cl Apricot Eau de Vie
Salt and Pepper
200g Spaghetti
2 handfuls walnuts
Parmesan to finish



  1. 1. Steam the asparagus for 4 mins and refresh in a cold-water bath to retain its green colour

    2. Finely chop the onion and leeks, sauté on a medium heat, until translucent

    3. Stir in the cream cheese and apricot eau de vie

  2. 4. Cook the spaghetti for 11-12mins in salted boiling water, drain.

    5. Stir through the cooked spaghetti the cream sauce, asparagus & walnuts, warm gently, season to taste

    6. Garnish with walnuts and grated parmesan