Pistachio, Watercress & Herb Salad, Feta Crumbles, Cranberry & Orange Vinaigrette


100ml Orange juice (1 x orange)
50ml Cranberry syrup
18ml Sherry Vinegar
70ml Olive Oil pinch of salt
250g Watercress
50g Pistachios
15g chopped tarragon
15g pinch chopped parsley
15g pinch chopped dill
100g Feta
30g Dried cranberries



  1. For the vinaigrette… 

    1. Add orange juice, cranberry syrup, sherry vinegar, olive oil and salt together into a jar with a good seal and shake well before dressing the salad.

  2. For the salad… 

    3. Combine the watercress, chopped pistachios, herbs, cranberries in a large bowl & dress with the vinaigrette.

    4. Finish with crumbled feta, and more vinaigrette if desired.