200g cooked Quinoa
100g Rocket
100g Spinach
80g Samphire
1 tbsp Olive Oil – good quality
120g Haloumi Cheese, thinly sliced
60g Mustard Seeds (yellow)
100ml Eau de Raspberry
2tbsp Sherry Vinegar
75g Raspberry Puree
2-3 tbsp Honey (or more to taste)



  1. For the mustard…

    1. Soak the mustard seeds in Eau de Raspberry & vinegar in a large jar, allow the seeds to absorb the liquid and swell for around 48hrs. Stir through the raspberry puree & honey, store in the refrigerator in a sealed jar until neede.


  2. For the salad…

    2. Fry the halloumi slices in a little oil until golden.

    3. Add the leaves, samphire & cooked halloumi into a large bowl, dress the salad in the good quality olive oil and season to taste.

    4. Serve with the raspberry mustard.