Mint panna cotta with strawberry jelly


Morand wild strawberry syrup
10 strawberries
18 sheets of gelatine
2x 1dl syrup (2/3 syrup, 1/3 water)
2.5 dl full cream
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
½ bunch of peppermint



  1. 1. Heat the syrup in a pan (I add a teaspoon of sugar). Soak 8 gelatine leaves, squeeze them and mix them into the warm syrup.

    2. Cut the strawberries lengthwise and prick them with a toothpick (you can see how to do this in the recipe).

    3. Divide the syrup between the two glasses and place the strawberries along the rim. Leave to cool in the fridge and then remove the toothpicks.

  2. 4. For the panna cotta, soak 2 sheets of gelatine. Bring the cream to the boil with the sugar and vanilla sugar, add the mint and simmer for a few minutes. Remove the mint and add the gelatine. Pour the panna cotta into the glasses. Leave in the fridge for about 2 hours.

    5. Prepare the last layer of strawberry jelly and pour it on top. Leave to cool in the fridge and decorate with chopped strawberries and a little mint.